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Tonight we are going to quickly read and comment about an issue that has been covered day and night in mexican television, the case of a being punching and leaving behind an old man; but such event has been talked about as much on the media since the being who commited such crime is an actor, not even a famous. The point here is about the retarded and psychotic prepotent people appear and comment on favor of such being, just to reaffirm their own abnormal behavior and thought-patterns. If anyone is going to read this, (by using a translator, if necessary) be aware on how practically all of the type of beings who defend the mentioned criminal, argue the same fallacies and lies, over and over again, across multiple video comment section. Problem is that we can perceive or get aware about how many people are out there who in reality are psychotic people or even psychopaths and could represent a threat to other civilized and true human beings. So have a look, read the comments and if you want, but the level of psychosis and of course, retardation of the beings taking sides with the criminal is amazing.

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The next issue i would want to talk about is the case of a famous mexican woman who had a rupture with her own mother, which is also a mexican famous singer. The real point about the next issue, will be about the type of women who were attracted to watch the video and commented it. Most notable comments in this case are the ones from people, mainly women, raging about the mother seducing her daughter's boyfriend. Such rage, hatred against the mother is very notable, and you can see the double morals about it, but basically we are talking about ordinary, retarded, reactionary, violent, psychotic women. The problem about it is that many of them actually are going to raise a family or even some of them already have done so and they literally teach their kids double morals, prejudice, prepotence and many other awful things to children, in summary, they raise them as intolerant, uncivilized people. The problem is not the media, the problem is that actually social standards allow them to raise a family, irresponsibly, without any further consequences. The comment sections is truly a good source of sampling some portions of society, it gives us a credible insight about what kind of denigrated mindsets are present in today's society.